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Children's And Adolescent Health Specialist

Chong Liu, MD

Family Medicine located in Plano, TX

Children and teens need a special medical approach. Family medicine specialist Dr. Chong Liu offers Children and Adolescent Health Management that will make Plano, TX patients comfortable and at ease.

Children's and Adolescent Health Q & A

What Type of Doctor Visits Do Children and Adolescents Require?

Children and adolescents typically need checkups at least once a year. These annual physical exams, which are also called "well-child visits," are a good time for the doctor to evaluate the young patient to make sure that they are growing properly and have no major health concerns. When a child or adolescent is ill or experiences an injury, they will also need to see the doctor. Childhood is a common time for a variety of illnesses like flu, so seeing the doctor when symptoms arise is important for the fastest possible diagnosis and recovery. There are also cases where a child or adolescent needs to have a physical exam to secure a driver's license, join a sports team, or enter college.

What Are Some Common Health Issues in Children and Adolescents?

Many children and adolescents experience ear, nose, and throat issues. Some children may have slow growth or other developmental issues that require medical help. Many children today have nutritional issues, and this may lead to obesity. Psychosocial issues are also frequently seen in children and adolescents. No matter what the health issue might be, prompt attention to it can make all the difference. A healthy young person is a much happier young person!

How Does the Doctor Handle Young Patients Differently?

The doctor is trained in working with patients of all ages. Dr. Liu understands that children and adolescents require a special approach. She makes it a priority to put all children and adolescent patients at ease. When a young person feels comfortable with the doctor, they are far more likely to relax enough to provide the information needed for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment. Each young patient is unique and is treated as the individual that they are by Dr. Liu.