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People who want to become citizens of the United States must have an Immigration Exam to prove that they don't have any serious issues. Dr. Chong Liu, a family medicine specialist practicing in Plano, TX, performs exams that will provide the documentation needed.

Immigration Exam Q & A

Who is Required to Have an Immigration Exam?

Any person (child or adult) who applies for permanent United States residency or for a fiance visa is required to have an immigration exam. This exam must be performed by a doctor who is approved by either the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or by the United States Consulate, such as Dr. Liu.

What is the Goal of the Immigration Exam?

The goal of the immigration exam is to verify that the applicant does not have a communicable disease, a mental disorder, or a drug issue that would cause them to be ineligible for residency. The immigration exam will also verify that the applicant has had the necessary vaccinations.

What if a Patient Has a Non-Communicable Disease?

People who have non-communicable diseases like heart disease or cancer can still pass an immigration exam. As long as an illness cannot cause harm to others or will not require significant financial assistance from the government, it will typically not exclude the applicant from proceeding in their immigration journey.

What Happens in an Immigration Exam?

A medical history will be the first part of an immigration exam. After that, the doctor will ask the patient to answer a series of questions regarding drug and alcohol use, past self-harm issues, and psychiatric illness. Chest x-rays will taken and then examined to verify that the patient does not have tuberculosis. An immigration exam includes a physical exam focusing on the eyes, ears, nose, throat, and extremities. The doctor will also listen to the heart and the lungs. External genitalia, the abdomen, and the skin as a whole will be examined, as well. In some cases, a blood draw may be required, especially if an illness is suspected.

What Happens After the Exam?

The doctor will complete the form from USCIS, and will then provide it directly to the patient in a sealed envelope. The envelope should be kept sealed to take to the immigration hearing.


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